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The Story

I’ve always been passionate about beautiful things.

Whether it’s a breathtaking sunrise,  a catchy song or the perfect pair of jeans. If it moves me, I’ll treasure it!

Blissful means happy, full of joy, Tris is short for Patricia, that’s me.

A combination of these 2 et voilà: Blissful Tris was born.

Travelled all over the world, there is so much that inspires me…

Blissful Tris is a very personal story. It reflects my style and way of living.

With this webshop I want to share my love for beauty with you.

The Style

A style that is effortless, with a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’

A style that makes you feel good about yourself

Comfortable, so you are free to do what you want, but always feminine and elegant

We bring you high quality items that are timeless and where simplicity is key.

For You Gorgeous

For all you beautiful women, who enjoy life with an open mind.

For the real ones, the natural ones.. authentic and pure

Not trying to be perfect, but true to who they really are.

This one’s for you!

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